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1986 - ESP MM-250/270 ZORLAC
Called also MM-250II/270II--> ESP M (Metallica) M (M model) - 270 (price in yen) II (2 pickups)

K.H.: "I started using ESP guitars in the summer of '86 and have been using them ever since now."
Seeking a new guitar for the start of the "Monsters of Rock" tour, Kirk Hammett of Metallica discovers ESP and creates his first custom instruments, later to be knows as the KH-2. This was the starting line for the whole KH series. It features a vertical skull & crossbones as opposed to the horizontal ones featured on today's KH's, and an upside down Jackson Guitars style headstock which is what Hammett originally intended. However, Jackson Guitars threatened law suits if this model was ever sold. As a result, the headstock was changed to the typical ESP style (MM-290), but flipped upside down. Kirk added a Zorlac sticker to his MM-250 which he then dubbed the "Zorlac" guitar. The sticker is from an artist named Pushead that designed graphics for the Zorlac skateboard company in the 80's.
Differences between MM-250 and MM-270: Synclair floyd rose on MM-250, original Floyd Rose on MM-270

- year: 1986-1991
- shape: like Mirage with reverse Jackson Guitars style headstock
- construction: Neck-Thru-Body
- neck: maple
- body: double cutaway alder body
- fingerboard: rosewood, 24 XJ frets, "skull & crossbone" vertical inlays
- electronics: active EMG 81 (bridge) / 60 (neck), Volume, Tone, Lever 3 way selector
- hardware: Original Floyd Rose on MM-270, Esp Synclair Floyd Rose Licensed Tremolo on MM-250
- logos and serials:
-- front of headstock: "ESP Custom" light grey/gold glittered logo, rectangular pointed truss rod cover with blank border
-- back of headstock: 8 digits serial number stamped in black
Here some records:
1986 -->
1987 -->
1988 -->
1989 --> 050992XX; 260993XX;
1990 --> 260201XX; 281107XX

1991 --> 260211XX;

- colors and other features: black, black hardware (KIRK'S MM-270 have ZORLAC sticker)

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