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1999 - ESP M-2 "Frankenstein"
made by Mark Ryden

Same specs as KH-2 but string through body and Frankensteing custom graphics and led circuit for lighting eyes.
There are actually 3, possibly 4 types:

1) - RED, 1 volume knob, 6 knobs, 1 knob switch, 1 lever switch,
circuitry to light up eyes

2) - RED, 2 volume knobs, 1 lever switch - Back of headstock: NO SERIAL + "ESP Custom Guitars" black circle logo

3) - GREEN

Alledgedly there is also a pink one but I think that is mistaken for the second red one and they are one in the same.

ESP M-II 'Frankenstein' (baritona)
This guitar was used for the first time during the Summer Sanitarium Tour 2000
Color: Black
Inlays: "THE MONSTER IS ALIVE!", The inlays' message begins at the bridge and glow green in the dark
Graphic: Red colored Frankenstein. The guitar's body graphic shows Boris Karloff as red colored Frankenstein's monster. The eyes of Frankenstein's monster are two brightly glowing red lights.
Pickups: 2x EMG-81 humbucker
Hardware: 2 volume and 1 tone control
Special: 2 red lights as the graphic's eyes
First time used live: "Summer Sanitarium (2000)" tour
“This is a custom MII with the same Frankenstein graphic as Kirk's other guitar. The placement of the face is a little better on this one, which is cool. The extra controls are for the Randomatic circuitry which Kirk had installed into the body”.




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