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2009 - ESP KH-2 "OuiJa" White / Black NEW MODEL

re-edition of his most famous original Ouija guitar. Also available in limited edition for the market.

LIMITED EDITION 50 pieces black + 50 pieces white
Precisely 10 years after the final Ouija guitar left ESP’s factory, ESP and Kirk Hammett have agreed to reissue this rare and highly sought after instrument on a limited production basis for 2009 only. Kirk continues to play his original Ouija on stage night after night, but production was halted in 1999 after only a handful were made available to the public. The new Ouija design remains faithful to the original with a White Ouija added to the series. Additional upgrades on the ESP Ouija include mirror inlays and an ebony fingerboard.

Kirk has both of them:

1) OUIJA WHITE: standard with
black hardware - SERIAL: K0907204 - OW52P - SOLD IN 2018 TO A PRIVATE COLLECTOR

2) OUIJA WHITE: with
chrome hardware and white truss rod cover (OW51P ???)

3) OUIJA BLACK: standard (serial ???)


(1) K0907204 - OW52P

(2) chrome hardware

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