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Custom Guitars Made in Romania.

About Me
I am an independent luthier from Romania with over 15 years of professional experience. During these years, I have customized hundreds of top (Gibson, Fender, ESP) guitars, mostly recreations of James Hetfield’s iconic guitars. For 10 years now, I have been creating my own designs, utilizing premium exotic materials, collaborating with my clients to produce high end, made to measure guitars. In 2015 I built a guitar specifically for James Hetfield which I sent it to the Metclub, where it remained for 3 years, after which, it was returned to me. I did not receive information with regards to whether James knew about this or not. I have clients globally, including a recognized artist who, owns and utilizes two of my guitars. He is – Kai Hansen, a co-founding member of Helloween.

Part of the completed works...

ESP MX-250 replica

Antonio Explorer with coiled snake-design fretboard inlays

ESP MX-220 EET FUK replica

Vulturus – Tribute to the Metallica band

The Pirate – built for Kai Hansen (HELLOWEEN & GAMMA RAY)


The Phantom

The Witch
Three years in the Metallica club
I made this guitar as a tribute to James Hetfield in 2015. It took me 4 months. The entire guitar was built manually, based on the best quality materials. The guitar was sent to the Metallica club where he stayed for three years. Unfortunately, James did not know about it and it was sent to me back.

These are just some examples of dozens of guitars customized over the years

Gibson Explorer 1984 Made In U.S.A

Gibson Les Paul Custom 1973 & Gibson Explorer 1984

Authentic 70's Electra 2236

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