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Dave Mustaine first guitar? "It was a very cheap SG copy that I got for 80 dollars. The next guitar I got through less-than-desirable means. It was a Gibson copy, so I bought a Gibson sticker for five bucks and stuck it on the guitar. And I paid off my less-than-desirable debt with it."

"I played an Ibanez Destroyer before I got my BC Rich Bich."

1981-1985 B.C.RICH GUITARS

1985-2003 JACKSON GUITARS thanks to "Mastermind"
In 1986, after recording Killing Is My Business..., Mustaine approached Jackson Guitars for a custom-built guitar. Jackson modified their existing Jackson King V model for Mustaine by adding 2 more frets to the standard 22 fret.(Jackson King V model was introduced in 1985, before there was the "Double Rhoads" with 2 wings more big than the King V)  In the 1990s the company began mass-producing a Dave Mustaine signature series Jackson King V, which continued into the early 2000s. This model uses Seymour Duncan SH-4 pickups, also known as TB-4 pickups.
1986 - Jackson King V Custom "Megadeth-2"
1986 - Jackson King V Black --> Silver in 1990/1991
1988 - Jackson King V Custom "Megadeth-3" (NO "made in USA")
1988 - Jackson King V DoubleNeck
1990 - Jackson King V Custom "Megadeth-4" (toggle)(J57xx)
1990 - Jackson King V Custom "Megadeth-5" (Anarchy)
1993 - 1995 - Jackson King V Player's Choice [40]...U.C...
07 - Jackson Player's Choice King V
08 - White String-thru King V Custom
09 - Korina Anarchy Inlay King V Custom
10 - Arizona Flag King V Custom
11 - Mirror Top King V Custom
12 - Black Doubleneck King V Custom
13 - Figured Maple Doubleneck King V Custom
14 - Jackson KV1 Dave Mustaine signature
15 - Grover Jackson King V Mustaine signature
16 - Y2KV Prototypes
17 - Jackson Y2KV Dave Mustaine signature
18 - Jackson Custom Shop Y2KVs
19 - Jackson Doubleneck Y2KV
Dave Mustaine's signature Jackson Y2KV guitar, released in February 2000 at Winter NAMM, was withdrawn from the market in early 2003 after Mustaine was unable to reach a deal with Jackson's owners, FMIC (Fender Musical Instruments Corporation ), on an extension of the previous contract.

2003-2006 ESP GUITARS
In 2003 Mustaine left Jackson guitars unveiled his new ESP DV8 model at the Summer NAMM 2003 convention at which time Mustaine announced his ESP endorsement deal.
In 2005, Mustaine and ESP teamed up to release the ESP Axxion, (pronounced Action), in order to celebrate Megadeth's 20th anniversary.(the XX in Axxion and the fretboard inlays being the number 20 in Roman numerals) The ESP Axxion and ESP DV8 were both successful and cheaper models such as the LTD-DV8 R, LTD DV200 and the LTD Axxion were released to target a bigger market.

On December 6, 2006, Mustaine announced that he was leaving ESP and shifting his endorsement to Dean Guitars. His new signature guitar was revealed during NAMM Show on January 19, 2007. The signature guitar is called the Dean VMNT. The V-shaped guitar is very similar to his earlier Jackson and ESP Signature models. The release campaign of the VMNT had a limited copy of only 150 in the world and are signed by Mustaine.



late 70s - B.C.Rich Bich 10 Supreme (repainted black in 1986)

1987 / 2014 - Jackson King V (KV2 after 1996) "Made in U.S.A."
1992 / 1995 - Jackson King V Pro Mustaine (Black, Sparkle Silver)
1993 / 1995 - Jackson King V STD (Standard)(dot inlays, rosewood)
1993 / 1997 - Jackson King V PRO (Professional)
1996 / 1996 - Jackson KV1-MF - Limited 150p.
1996 / 2000 - Jackson KV1 Dave Mustaine Signature (black,natural)
1998 / 1999 - Jackson KV3
2000 / 2002 - Jackson Y2KV (Black Pearl, Mahogany)
1999 / 2001 - Jackson KV4
2001 / 2006 - Jackson KVX10 (made in India)[BO]
2004 / 0000 - Jackson KV-J2; KV-J2E (Japan Only)
2005 / 0000 - Jackson KV-J1; KV-J1K; KV-J1E; KV-J1EK; KV-J2; KV-J2K; KV-J2E; KV-J2EK; KV-03; KV-04; KV-05B
2006 - Jackson KV2T
2006 - Jackson JS30KV (made in Indonesia)[BO]

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