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- 1989? - There was an ESP add with a KH-2 with Zorlac oriented inlay but non Zorlac headstock and no sticker.

- Red Eclipse Semi-Acoustic – this was used live regularly during the 1998-200 time frame so you may want to move it to regular live guitar section

- ESP Eclipse. Not sure if you want to notate that somewhere or leave as is.

- ESP (not Fender). It was used during the 1996 Lollapalooza-1998 time frame and I believe it had a chrome Floyd rose. Don’t believe it was ever used live, maybe as a warm up guitar backstage.

- 2001 ESP KH-2 2001 [K0122103] - ON SALE ON EBAY 2015-04FOR $9000
This KH-2 was purchased/given to Kirk in 2001 and kept at his residence in Honolulu, Hawaii for 10 years.  It had been gigged on several occasions but remained one of his personal instruments when residing in Hawaii. He traded the guitar in 2011 to a local music store whilst purchasing some vintage Marshall stackers.
The guitar comes with an original letter of certification signed by Kirk Hammett in 2011, a photograph with Kirk holding the guitar, numerous backstage passes from previous Metallica concerts, a concert program from the World Magnetic Tour 2008-2010, 2 promo CDs and a vintage ESP advertisement showcasing Kirk Hammett. The guitar has been personally signed by Kirk and dated when he was trading the instrument. The Serial Number is K0122103 which denotes that the guitar was built in Kiso, Japan in 2001.  The guitar was completed in the 22nd week of that year on a Monday and it was the third guitar off the line on that day.
The guitar has been stored away for the past 4 years, however shows signs of scuffs and swirl marks indicative of a guitar used consistently over the previous 10 years. It was mainly played by Kirk at home and  also gigged on a few occasions. The guitar has a low action and is extremely smooth and fast to play.  This instrument does not need a neck re-set or re-fret.


- 1991 - 1952 Gibson ES-295 he used in the studio

- 1994 - 1960 sunburst les paul
- 200? - 1959 Gibson les paul "burst" with a bigsby tremolo
- 2005 - GIBSON Les Paul Black tiger stripe, Class 5
- 2014 - Gibson 1959 Les Paul "Greeny" the Les Paul owned by Peter Green and Gary Moore he purchased.

"Left side Gibson Les Paul Black Beauty - "

- Zematis

- 1998 Godin Multiac Semi-acoustic. 2 types (red & natural)

20?? - He was on a guitar mag with a Teye (I need to check the spelling of that) les paul style guitar


1962 - FENDER Stratocaster, refinished in black, on sale on reverb.com (€17500) https://reverb.com/item/950369-fender-stratocaster-1969-black-previously-owned-by-kirk-hammett-of-metallica-see-photos

1991 - FENDER Stratocaster 1962 Reissue, Cream White color, EMG SA pickups, 1990 or 1991 Fender '62 Reissue. He used it for the Unforgiven live in shows in the USA in 1991 and early 1992.

1995 - FENDER Stratocaster 1963 Original
, Sea Foam Green color, the classic 1962 Fender Stratocaster. Hammet used this guitar in studio and for the music video of I Dissappear. The Official Sound Track of movie Mission Impossible 2, 2001. Kirk talks about using it in the studio here; http://www.guitarworld.com/prime-cuts-metallicas-james-hetfield-and-kirk-hammett-critique-key-songs-band-s-harsh-noble-history?page=49,7

FENDER Stratocaster
Black used as practice guitar in the Black Album era - Can be seen in Year and a Half when he is playing loud in the hotel room. Looks to be a 62 reissue USA strat with a mother of pearl pickguard.

FENDER Stratocaster
Hawaii - looks like a vintage 60's strat with tortoise shell pickguard. Only seen it in Hawaiian pics so he must keep it as his HI home.

FENDER Stratocaster
Red - a vintage 60's red strat featured on his strap website.

FENDER Stratocaster Lake Placid blue
color - vintage 60s

FENDER Stratocaster
. Sonic Blue strat - assume vintage 60s or relic

FENDER Stratocaster RITCHIE BLACKMORE. (white)

1996-98? - I remember seeing pictures of Kirk with a 1957 Mary Kaye strat. Not sure if it was vintage or one of the Fender Relics which had jsut been introduced at the time.
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