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Custom Guitars Made in Germany.

Andre Wortmann is a luthier from Germany that makes the best Custom-Replica guitars you can find.
He is specialized in James Hetfield guitars replica but he can do almost any guitar you need and also can customize your guitar with additional parts like a dimond plate.
Guitars are made completely by hands guaranteeing an excellent quality, higher when compared to the most famous companies such as ESP or Gibson. All woods are top selected quality and all specs/pickups/hardware/wiring as the original.
GuitarsCollector.com has provided Andre with high resolution photographs and very precise measurements of the rarest and most desired models (KEN LAWRENCE, ESP MX-250, ESP MX-220, GIBSON EXPLORER) to be able to replicate the shape of the guitars in a perfect way.

Here some example of his work, starting from the AMAZING replica of the KL "Karl".

Some other guitars and some "dimond plated" custom works.

Prices are very low if compared to a normal custom order guitar.
We are talking to a range between 3000€ for a standard replica to 4000€ for the "Karl" that is the most expansive replica.

All guitars are fully hand made with the best wood and best hardware, they and NUMBERED, and inclusive of a Certificate of Authenticity + Hard Case (shipping not included).

If you want to buy a guitar from Wortmann Guitars please tell him you are coming from "GuitarsCollector" site and I'm sure he will do the best for you.

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